Blinding Clarity

I was an atheist when I went to the Amazonian jungle to drink ayahuasca. So I was quite surprised to find that traditionally conducted plant-based shamanism actually delivered the goods. After a mere six days of puking out the depths of my soul into a plastic bucket, my materialistic (and somewhat nihilistic) worldview had been utterly dismantled.

At the end of a particularly brutal session, the maestro lit a candle. Nothing would ever be the same. In that instant, I woke up to an utterly new reality. 

I realized that the force, the consciousness looking out through my eyes was one and the same with the consciousness that runs through all things, that animates all matter, that existed long before I showed up, and will carry on long after I die. 

I was quite aghast to realize I could now see God in, well… everything.

White pants became a staple of my wardrobe. Suddenly I knew with complete certainty the answer to all of life's big questions. My family and friends were horrified. 

That’s the trouble, you see. In a state of mystical rapture, everything that crosses one’s mind seems divinely significant, and absolutely true.

Yes, after a wild night of enlightenment one may wake up to find they are not in bed alone. Delusion sleepily rolls over, looks you in the eyes and says, “Good morning, sunshine.” 

This phenomenon is one of the major downsides of spiritual awakening, and rarely advertised for in the brochure. But if you know it’s coming, you can save yourself a lot of embarrassment.

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