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Well website viewer, by this point either you are either laughing along with me, or you have gone running for the hills. I definitely had some fun with this one - and perhaps even got a little carried away. But I figured, why not enjoy myself a little during this process?

So, by now you are getting a feel for the bedrock template. This is the full-blown website for the individual or company doing big things. In this example site, I included a seven pages and a store. This is the format of bedrock. Of course, your site will have different content. Maybe you'd like a page for your blog instead of a podcast. Or you don't need to advertise and sell a product, but would like a big gallery of pictures. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

The point of building this is to show you a powerful, clean, modern website that is home to everything you are doing. The style, look and feel... the whole design will be tailored to you and your work. And upon completion of the website, I'll be around to manage and make changes, add new content, and whatever else you need for the reasonable rate of $40 per hour. Not bad, eh?

Keep looking around, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. I am here to serve your website needs with a smile and professionalism. We'll have fun working together, no doubt, but unlike Gary Woods your work is real... and we will show that to the world in a professional, precise way with clean and modern design.


Standford Medical School

Postdoctoral Training

Santa Cruz Medical Center

Clinical Internship

Johns Hopkins Medical School

Ph.D. in Extreme Psychiatry

University of Colorado

B.S. in Biomedical Sciences & Ski-ology

Johns Hopkins Medical School

Ph.D. in Extreme Psychiatry

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