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Psychiatry for Extreme Athletes

Gary Woods, M.D. has over a decade of experience counseling and boosting the performance of extreme athletes.

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Dr. Gary Woods

Psychiatry for
Extreme Athletes

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Meet DR. Woods

Gary Woods, M.D. is a trained and licensed psychiatrist who specializes in working with extreme athletes of all types. Dr. Woods earned his doctorate degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 2004, and has over decade of experience boosting the performance of adrenaline junkies to levels beyond comprehension.

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Join Gary Woods, M.D. for conversations with adrenaline-fueled athletes and medical experts in the field of extreme sport psychiatry.

Working with Dr. Woods has been an absolute game changer. With his guidance and knack for nailing the perfect 'script, I'm dialed in! If you want to conquer your survival instincts once and for all, go see Dr. Woods today.

- Danny Gripper

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