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Psychiatry for Extreme Athletes

Gary Woods, M.D. has over a decade of experience counseling and boosting the performance of extreme athletes.

101 Main Street, Santa Cruz, CA

M-F 10am-8pm

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Thanks to the help of Dr. Woods, I've turned a new page not only in my extreme repelling career, but in my personal life as well. If you are searching for a caring, compassionate, and totally gnarly psychiatrist, look no further.

- Maggie Sender

When it comes to psychiatrists who understand the complex inner-workings of the extreme athlete, Dr. Gary Woods is the de facto expert. I highly recommend his services! 

- Axel Lakeland

I consulted with Dr. Woods upon hitting a plateau in my career. With his help, we blasted through my mental and physical barriers into a new level of performance I never thought possible. Thanks Dr. Woods!

- Enzo Pizzeti