"He who masters the art of web design, too shall master himself. In this groundbreaking work, Gary Woods teaches us not only the nuances of HTML code, but in doing so cracks the code of living a wise life."

   - Lao Tzu

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Seeing Oneness in Binary Code

Chapter 2: Domain Names & The Tao

Chapter 3: Unencumbered HTML

Chapter 4: Meta-Data for the Metaphysical Mind

Chapter 5: Ancient Wisdom on SEO

Chapter 6: E-Commerce in the Now

Chapter 7: Breathing In Bandwidth

Chapter 8: Code Like A River

Chapter 9: Walking the Pixelated Path

Meet the Author

"Stunning! Zen and the Art of Web Design opened my eyes to the magic of HTML. I'm quitting my job and learning to code. "

   - Daniel Bitterwolf

With this book, Gary Woods has accomplished something entirely new in the field of writing. Reading his perspective on graphical user interface design was perhaps the most psychedelic journey of my life."

   - Woody Tripper

"Tremendous in it's scope and depth. The rise of Gary Woods' philosophy may mark the end of the very spiritual pursuit itself- and that's okay with me!"

   - Raj Baba Ganoush

"If you suffer from a heart condition or have high blood pressure, DO NOT read this book before consulting with your doctor."

   - Sandra Newman, M.D.

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