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The year is 2020...

...and despite run-away technological advancement, a large portion of humanity's websites remain stuck in the dark ages. Small business owners worldwide are plagued by neon backgrounds and links that don't work. To succeed in the increasingly competitive marketplace, a select group of forward thinking individuals realize they need Clean Design. They yearn for Engaging Content. And they deserve A Price You Can Afford.


The people rise up, breaking through the shackles of the oppressor, to demand a Website by Martin.

CLean Design

I design modern websites that create a polished online presence, for businesses of all types.

Here are five of my recent projects:



Let's get down to business — your business — and confront the fact that eventually you are going to have to write something about it. Words have the power to make things happen. But first, you have to write them.


Naturally, you have the good sense not to tarnish your brand with some marketing department dribble. This Neanderthal copywriting reeks so foully of desperation that you must, at all costs, keep it away from your business. Plus, it’s So Easy A Caveman Could Do It. No reader, you Think Different, and you need some well-written copy to demonstrate this.


Sure, you could drink too much espresso and stare at a blank screen for several weeks. But why not have a pro squeeze some juicy words from the ethers on your behalf? I write engaging, concise and witty copy, so we can get your message out to the world — in this lifetime.

I will also set up cool features like:







I believe that you shouldn't have to sell a kidney to pay for a well-designed website. Beautiful, single pagers start at just $500 and fully-featured online platforms are priced for the people. To get an estimate of your project, drop me a line by clicking below.



Website building is a real art, and Martin has a remarkably high level of craft. Martin has a brilliant eye for design and he will masterfully bring your story to life. Martin's project management skills are extremely impressive, and his ability to take jumbled concepts and organize them into a clean, sophisticated web layout is next level. Martin is supremely dedicated to delivering an outstanding website and is very detail-oriented from start to finish. Additionally, Martin's professionalism, thoroughness, and friendliness (he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and a real gem of a human being!) make the whole process incredibly enjoyable. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Martin for all of your website needs!

   Parker Sherry, SpiritQuest Sanctuary

Martin brings to his websites a rare combination of artist, mechanical engineer, writer, marketer and all-around great human. His work evidences his ability to successfully translate concepts and brands into highly functional sites that are easy to navigate and highly effective in achieving their goals. Martin is a wonderful collaborator who thinks and works together effectively for common goals. He is an skilled project manager who keeps things moving and on schedule. We enthusiastically recommend Martin as a reliable, effective and trusted professional.

   — Hutt Bush, Being Point Consulting

I had raw concepts which Martin not only understood, but helped develop further and instantly brought to life in the most simplistic yet professional-looking way, all the while capturing my authentic vision to share with the world. A true pleasure to work with!

   — Wayne Sant Paul, Move With Wayne

Martin has a strong ability to capture the essence of a project and articulate it with great accuracy. His eye for design, structure and feel for a website deliver a beautiful site that is easy for the consumer to understand and navigate. The written copy that Martin develops communicates the work clearly and effectively.

   Christy Chadwick, Hawaii Hears

Being an acupuncturist, I loved Martin's holistic approach to website design. He asked the right questions and came to understand me and what I wanted to share through my site. When it comes to design Martin is insightful, practical and creative.

   — Wendy Ruppenthal, Sports Acupuncturist