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Welcome to Websites by Martin. This page will tell you everything you need to know about my web design services.


So, you need a website... And you are faced with this dilemma:

Sell a kidney in order to hire some fancy web development firm to build the website of your dreams. Or...


Drink a pot of coffee, get a Squarespace account, browse through 67 different template options and then wallow in an existential limbo for the next several months as you attempt to hack together your DIY site.


/  a solution to the madness

/  How it works

Step 1: Select your favorite theme (see below) and fill out the simple questionnaire at the bottom of this page. This will give me a feel for what kind of website you need. 

Step 2: I'll reach out to learn all the details of your cutting-edge orthodontic practice, or custom furniture building business, or whatever that thing is that you need a website for.

Step 3: We will collaboratively distill the content for your new site to its essence and agree on the most suitable structure and aesthetics and design to showcase your brand to the world wide web.


Step 4: Stand back and watch as your new website quickly becomes a reality. I build all websites on the Wix platform - which gives me freedom to design about anything that can be imagined and yet gives you a simple and universal interface should you like to make edits yourself later on.

/  a price you can afford

  • Base price of $500 / $1000 / $2000 depending on your choice of theme.

  • All websites need home on a computer server - hosting is the term we use for this in the web business. Hosting on the Wix platform will cost $13 monthly, or $23 monthly if your site features E-Commerce.

  • Adding features or pages beyond the scope of your theme will be billed at a reasonable rate of $40 per hour.

  • As you create new content, expand your business, or need to make updates to your website, I will be available for on-going management and changes - at the same reasonable hourly rate.

/  about martin

Martin Reaves holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His background is in entrepreneurship and consumer electronic product design. He has worked for numerous start-up companies, Silicon Valley tech giants, founded a handyman service, run a luxury bed and breakfast on Maui, and raced skateboards professionally.


He now works as a web designer and writer - by far his favorite job yet!


THEMES /  choose your favorite

Here are some examples of the possible formats of your new site, ranging from minimalist to a fully-featured platform. Inspired by your chosen theme, I will craft a personalized website (unique to you in it's design, layout and content) that effectively portrays your message and offerings to the world.


So, take a peak at the themes and see which format most closely matches your needs. But remember, I can design whatever your heart desires - so if nothing catches your eye then send me a message and we can build a beautiful site tailored to your needs.




For the digital renunciate.



Simply sophisticated.



You are building a brand.

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